About Us

Established in 1997, The New Seminary offers an innovative program designed to prepare young women for their choice of a wide range of professions within a suitable environment. The New Seminary has gained renown as the Seminary has pursued the vision of high level learning, a standard of excellence, and a commitment to meeting those goals with integrity. The Seminary enjoys affiliations with top tier universities where a relationship of respect has characterized the way in which the students learn, the universities teach, and the graduates are able to enter their field of choice well prepared to meet the needs of their students, their clients, and most importantly, their families.

Our outstanding track record has spoken to the high success rate of the students in completing their degrees, and earning their licenses in record numbers. Their achievements speak to their values and reflect well on the standards of the universities. They learn to navigate the finer nuances of how to interact with the world at large, while maintaining a total commitment to their standards and ideals. And with this, they earn the respect of all those they encounter. And they take advantage of their opportunity to make a Kiddush Hashem in their personal and public lives.

The standard of integrity to which the Seminary and its students adhere is one that invites the confidence of these institutions to join with us in providing the best education and myriad opportunities for our students.


Rebbetzin Sora F. Bulka, Dean

Rebbetzin Bulka, the founder and Dean of The New Seminary, earned a teaching certificate from the Bais Yaakov Esther Schonfeld Seminary and began her career in chinuch teaching the entire gamut of Limudei Kodesh. She later earned degrees from Queens College and from Ferkauf Graduate School, and won additional fellowships to Harvard and Columbia University.

As the founding principal of the Manhattan High School for Girls and the Soille Bais Yaakov High School, Rebbetzin Bulka developed innovative curriculae in both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies. Her involvement in education has included her service for eight years as the Chairman of the Board of Education of Yeshiva Darchei Torah. She is known for her administrative ability, education background in Jewish and general studies, creativity and a commitment to excellence.

Rabbi Yeshaya Levy, Dean

Rabbi Levy, a musmach of Bais Medrash Eeyun HaTalmud, and a chaver of the West Side Kollel for close to a decade, is also a graduate of Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch and pursued his learning at Yeshiva Be’er Yaakov and Bais  Medrash Eeyun HaTalmud in Eretz Yisroel. A talmid of Rav Abbe Berman, ז”ל, and Rav Shlomo Wolbe, ז”ל, Rabbi Levy brings a wealth of knowledge and depth of understanding to his talmidos. In all his classes, the talmidos learn not only the content but also how to approach a topic, how to present the mefarshim, and how to make the difficult, but necessary, choices of what to teach in every lesson.

Rabbi Levy is the Rov, mara d’asra, of Khal Bais Elazar in Monsey, NY. He entered the field of chinuch many years ago, and he has been involved in both chinuch habonim and chinuch habanos. He gives a wider range of shiurim in the community, while continuing to enrich the lives of his students with his classes in Chumash and Halacha.  Rabbi Levy enjoys the respect and confidence of the community as a master in halacha and hashkafa.

The New Seminary: A Unique and Innovative Vision for the Realities of Today and the Demands of the Future

Today’s young women are faced with the very important issue of parnassah – how to earn a living wage within a proper environment. Our highly technological society demands of all its participants a means of certifying educational achievements. The usual means of entry involves earning a legitimate college degree. Many of our young women do not pursue that degree, not for lack of ability or ambition, but by choice. This choice is dictated by the environment that is prevalent in most colleges today, and also by the content of the courses that they may be required to take.

We offer a quality Seminary program of study for young women who are especially concerned that their academic pursuit in no way contradicts the values and way of life which they thoroughly embrace. To address these concerns, both personal and of economic necessity, we established a Seminary program, al taharas haKodesh, which offers a serious and inspiring program of study for both the high school and seminary graduate, as well as those who decide to come back to complete their education and to prepare for their future.

This program consists of many streams:

  • One is designed to meet the needs of the student who wishes to expand her knowledge and skills in Limudei Kodesh as she enjoys this year of growth.
  • A high level program which combines Limudei Kodesh with the opportunity to gain practical skills for parnassah without compromising the integrity of the educational setting. The students of the Seminary earn a recognized degree (B.A. or B.S.) from a top-tier university in an accelerated program of studies.
  • The professional program in educational goals and methodology is geared to the student who has an aptitude and a desire to become a teacher of Limudei Kodesh and who seeks Seminary certification in that area.
  • The teacher who is interested in further professionalizing her approach to teaching by gaining skills in curriculum development, lesson planning, classroom management, and more.


Individualized guidance and advisement by experienced professionals enables each student to benefit from a “tailor-made” program that suits her needs.


Degrees Offered:

  • B.A. in Social Sciences (NY) or B.A. in Psychology (NJ) (earned in affiliation with a top-tier university) – allows the student to continue into a wide variety of professions, including: Accounting, Education/Special Education, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy,  Psychology, Speech Therapy, Social Work, etc.  link to Undergraduate section of the website where more details are available
    • B.S. in Nursing – allows the student interested in this field of health care to complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a top-tier School of Nursing within3 years. link to Undergraduate- Nursing sublink section of the website where more details are available
    • B.S. in Business Management and Communications – this path is open to interested students, with schedules of classes arranged to enable the student to meet all the requirements. link to Undergraduate section of the website where more details are available
    • Students may choose to pursue other individual goals, which have included Law, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, P.A., and even Pre-Med Pre-Dentistry. link to other section of the website where more details are available
  • For women who finished their schooling years earlier. We offer a flexible schedule of classes, with an attempt to maximize their prior education and experience and to enable them to join the ranks of the professionals – all while remaining focused on their priorities of home and family.
    • Project OPAL – program designed to provide a vehicle to apply prior learning and experience to specific coursework requirements. This program allows the adult student to focus on the courses needed for their specific goals, while maximizing credits for life experience and seminary (or yeshiva) study.
  • The Teacher Training program:
    • The rich course offering of the Seminary in education (chinuch) is unique. The courses cover the gamut from the fundamental principles of education to the most up-to-date techniques and methods employed in chinuch The array of courses is the broadest offered in any seminary program. The forward looking and positive approach to chinuchis particularly suited to the generation of students in the classrooms of today.
  • Guest Lecturer Program:
    • The course of studies is enhanced by the lectures given by some of the outstanding chinuch personalities of today, along with representatives of the various professional paths that students may embark on. They come and offer their knowledge, their insight, and their experience as a guide to students as they embark on their future paths