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MS in Occupational Therapy

This degree leads to a career in Occupational Therapy, one of the fastest growing healthcare fields.




Orangeburg, NY

1 day a week on campus for all hands on labs. Other classes: synchronous and asynchronous online.

Separate cohort for:


Offered by:

Dominican University of New York

Program Length:

3 years


69 Credits reflect coursework and fieldwork.
In addition, once students are accepted to the graduate OT program, they need to take these courses from Dominican College:
  • Introduction to OT
  • Kinesiology in OT
Candidates must meet the criteria set by the university
  • Transcripts from an accredited university
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • 50 volunteer hours with a licensed occupational therapist/verification letter required.
    Due to COVID-19, observation may NOT be required at this time. Please follow directions carefully in OTCAS for an alternative essay that must be done in lieu of observation hours.
  • 2 page personal statement: providing a rationale for the decision to become an occupational therapist
  • interview
  • Provide contact information for 3 references in OTCAS (1 academic, 1 professional, and a third that can be either academic or professional.)
  • 3.0 GPA overall and a preferred 3.0 or better in the sciences
  • B.A. from a regionally accredited university.
  • Strong grades in all prerequisite courses
    Prerequisite Courses:
    • Introduction to Statistics
    • Dynamics of Oral Communication (aka Public Speaking)
    • General Psychology
    • Lifespan Human Development
    • Abnormal Psychology
    • Introduction to Sociology
    • Anatomy & Physiology I (within the past 5 years)
    • Anatomy & Physiology II (within the past 5 years)
    • Neuroscience
    • Topics in Physics / General Physics I (preferred)
    • Science: Grade of B- or higher required for transfer credit
First year: 27 credits
  • 1st Trimester – Fall: 9 credits
    OT 534 Tools of Practice: 6 credits
    OT 536 Foundation of OT: 3 credits
  • 2nd Trimester – Spring: 9 credits
    OT 545 Professional Practice Skills I: 6 credits
    OT 544 Clinical Conditions: 3 credits
  • 3rd Trimester – Summer: 9 credits
    OT 542 Childhood & OT Practice: 6 credits
    OT 664 Research in OT: 3 credits
Second year: 27 credits
  • 1st Trimester – Fall: 9 credits
    OT 643 Adolescence and OT Practice: 6 credits
    OT 662 Fieldwork Level I Seminar**: 3 credits
  • 2nd Trimester – Spring: 9 credits
    OT 653 Adulthood I: 6 credits
    OT 657 Research Symposium: 3 credits
  • 3rd Trimester – Summer: 9 credits
    OT 654 Adulthood II: 6 credits
    OT 649 Leadership & OT Practice: 3 credits
Third year: 15 credits
  • 1st Trimester – Fall: 9 credits
    OT 753 Maturity in OT Practice: 6 credits
    OT 754 Advanced Practice: 3 credits
  • 2nd/3rd Trimester – Spring/Summer: 6 credits
    Fieldwork Level II A*: 3 credits
    Fieldwork Level II B*: 3 credits
Dominican University of New York discounts per credit charge for The New Seminary cohort. A range of  student loans, subsidized and unsubsidized are available.
Financial aid advice  is provided by the Seminary and Dominican University.
Apply early for maximum financial assistance
The OT Masters Degree program of Dominican University of New York (following completion of the BA with all prerequisites) consists of 2 years and 10 months including fieldwork, plus 2 months for the required introductory courses once accepted.
Dominican University’s mission statement declares its dedication to the principle that its educational programs and services must be both challenging and supportive, distinguished both by high standards and by attention to the needs and potential of the individual student. Affirmed and engaged by these standards and values, graduates are prepared for purposeful lives, and for the careers and professions they chose to pursue. The aim of Dominican University is to promote educational excellence, leadership, and service in an environment characterized by respect for the individual and concern for the community and its needs. Interested in pursuing on of the best jobs in healthcare? Occupational Therapy is one of today’s hottest fields, and Dominican University graduates are uniquely prepared to succeed. A full 100% of our graduates who seek employment upon graduation are employed! The program is designed to allow you to pursue your degree while maintaining family and life responsibilities. One day a week on campus classes for all hands-on labs. Other classes synchronous. Learn from expert practicing OTs, many of whom have been recognized with awards for advancement, excellence, and innovation. Over 200 clinical placement sites.

Occupational therapy is a vital health care and rehabilitation profession that employs practitioners who help clients to develop or to restore and sustain the highest quality of productive life while recovering from illness or injury.

Occupational therapists work with individuals across the lifespan to promote health, wellness and recovery from illness that can impact sensory, motor, cognitive and psychosocial functions.

It is a field that provides many opportunities for the candidate who has the intelligence, the empathy, the personal integrity, and the skills to provide a wide range of services to various populations and age groups. Please refer to the American Occupational Therapy Association’s website for more information about the profession-

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