Nursing is one of the most rigorous programs of study; it requires the highest degree of dedication and commitment. The university has affiliations with most major hospitals in the New York metropolitan area and students are afforded the best opportunities to obtain premier training in world-renowned hospitals and health centers.


In this Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, the curriculum consists of a planned progression of
nursing and science courses. The program emphasizes a holistic approach to health and wellness and
focuses on the nurse’s role in research, advocacy, teaching, change, and management. Students explore
the different approaches to promoting health and providing care during illness and meeting the demands of a long-term care.
In addition to the full range of services provided by the University, the students enjoy ongoing support
and encouragement from the Seminary. This includes the continuous accessibility of the Nursing Liaison,
who serves to avoid problems and navigate issues that may arise. The Nursing Liaison is a graduate of
the program and is highly familiar with all aspects of the program and its demands. She works closely
with the University to help facilitate the scheduling and clinical assignments for the students of the
Seminary cohort. A unique benefit of the affiliation of the Seminary and the University is the commitment that clinicals for the Seminary students never involve a Shabbos or a Yom Tov.
A Rav is available on a constant basis to provide halachic and hashkafic guidance to the students throughout their schooling and beyond. In specially arranged seminars and luncheons, the students meet several times a year with the Seminary hanhala and others to reinforce their own values and help prepare them for their careers as frum nurses.
The success of the New Seminary students is well noted and reflected in their excellent results. The Seminary cohort of students has achieved an unparalleled record of passing the NCLEX (the licensing exam for the R.N./ Registered Nurse, taken after graduating College of Nursing) on the first round.
This program is accelerated and is designed to be completed in under 3 years. The course of study is
completely provided by Adelphi University. In order to complete the degree, students must earn 124
credits. Some prior learning credits are earned towards the degree through the New Seminary. The
classes, which are separate, are geared to fit the Jewish calendar, taking holidays into account.