B.A. in Social Sciences (earned in affiliation with a top-tier university) – allows the student to continue into a wide variety of professions, including: Accounting, Education/Special Education, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Speech Therapy, Social Work, etc.

This degree opens the door to most professions. It is a broad degree that prepares the student to pursue interests in a wide range of fields. These include all areas of Education, and counseling including Social Work and Psychology, the health care professions including the therapies, and Law.

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences focuses on helping students develop their cognitive skills, including critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making. This social services degree in New York is excellent preparation for graduate school programs in psychology, school psychology, counseling, elementary or secondary education, public administration, law, and social work.

Opportunities have been created to allow students to complete the program in just one calendar year.

In order to complete the degree from the university, a student must earn 120 credits. New York State Education law requires that a minimum of 30 credits must be taken through the degree granting institution. The student may also transfer previously earned college credits (from an accredited college). These credits include college credits earned in high school, AP exams, and a limited number of CLEP exam credits.  A maximum of 60 prior-learning credits may be accepted towards the degree. These include New Seminary credits and up to 12 credits for the NYU Foreign Language Proficiency Exam. The final 30 credits must be taken in graded course work at the University, and no more than 60 of total credits may be awarded from prior learning.