At the Adelphi University College of Nursing and Public Health, we prepare qualified caregivers and leaders who are ready to make an impact in their community. With a strong foundation built on 75 years of nursing education, we have continued to develop a new vision- and new programs to meet that vision.


  • Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (MS AGPCNP)

  • Post MS Certificate, AGPCNP


Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (MS, AGPCNP)
This part time Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program prepares NPs to be
educated, licensed, and certified to practice as primary healthcare providers to young adults and
all adults across the lifespan. Our students provide direct healthcare services in community
settings such as primary care, urgent care, pre-surgical testing, palliative care, outpatient clinics,
and long-term care. Students develop competencies in health promotion, disease prevention, and
treatment of patients experiencing a variety of disorders such pulmonary, cardiac, endocrine,
musculoskeletal, and dermatologic. The curriculum integrates theoretical knowledge with
diagnostic and treatment skills. Students are precepted for 600 clinical hours by nurse
practitioners and other health professionals in primary health care settings. Course work for this
45 credit program is provided by expert nurse practitioner faculty
Post MS Certificate (AGPCNP)
This program is designed for students who already have an MS degree. Depending on prior course
work completed at the graduate level, students are required to enroll in 20-30 credits. There are
600 clinical hours required for this certificate


Psychiatric -Mental Health and Adult Gerontology Primary Care Tracks **

MS Core (all graduate students)
• Nursing Informatics
• Foundations for Advanced Practice
• Research, Statistics and Evidence Based Practice
• Health Policy for Advanced Practice Nurses
• Portfolio Requirement as capstone (end of program)
Nurse Practitioner Core (all NP Students)
• Advanced Pathophysiology
• Advanced Pharmacology
• Advanced Health Assessment
• Health Assessment Lab
Psychiatric-Mental Health NP
• Psychopharmacology
• PMH-NP Role I and II
• Differential Diagnosis and Planning( didactic & clinical)
• Mental Health of the Individual didactic & clinical)
• Substance Use Disorders (didactic & clinical)
• Child Adolescent & family (didactic & clinical)
• Community Mental Health & Crisis Intervention
(didactic & clinical)
Adult Gerontology Primary Care NP
• Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
• AGNP Role
• AGNP I (didactic & clinical
• AGNP II (didactic & clinical)
• AGNP III (didactic & clinical)

** Please see for course numbers, sequencing by semester,
format of courses (some are offered on line), and course descriptions.


The current job market shows a significant demand for nurse practitioners:
• Given the number of individuals with mental illness or substance abuse today,

and the focus on expanding healthcare services for them, more psychiatric-
mental health nurses are in high demand.

• Primary care physicians with extremely busy practices see an important role in
their practice for NP’s who augment their services.

• The Nursing programs at Adelphi have a 75 year track record for preparing
excellent nurses

• Work alongside expert clinicians and nurse practitioners in clinical sites tailored
for course content

• Well prepared faculty who have years of practice and teaching experience

• Experience our State of the Art Laboratory and Clinical learning Center in the
new 96,000 square foot Nexus Building on campus

• Courses are offered in a part time program and conveniently offered later in the
day to facilitate working students

• Students enter and progress as a cohort enabling the learning experience to be
supportive and collegial.