The New Seminary

BS in Natural Sciences

This degree is  suitable for advanced professions in Medicine and science.




Separate cohort for:


Offered by:

Adelphi University

Program Length:

1.5 years


120 Credits

  • 30 from degree granting institution (Adelphi)
  • 60 liberal arts
  • 7 lab sciences
  • Up to 60 prior learning

Applicants apply to the New Seminary and to the University. Once accepted to the Seminary, the Seminary sends the application to the University. Students are then enrolled in both the Seminary and the University.

  • Application
  • High School transcript
  • Good grades
  • Interview

Adelphi University discounts their per credit charges for New Seminary students. Students may apply for FAFSA for AU. The New Seminary charges separately for tuition.

Adelphi University NY

Fields of science or medicine can be used as a preparation for advanced medical programs or lead directly to the following types of careers:

medical laboratory technician, medical researcher, science educator, medical professional.

Also: to graduate degrees in science, science education, public health, and medicine. This degree is also suitable for PA and PT graduate programs.

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