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BS/MS in Occupational Therapy

This degree leads to a career in Occupational Therapy, one of the fastest growing healthcare fields.




Orangeburg, NY

1 day a week on campus – for all hands-on labs, other classes synchronous online.

Separate cohort for:


Offered by:

Dominican College

Program Length:

3 years


120 Credits

Students can enter with a minimum of 60 credits and then earn 120 credits from the B.S./M.S. degree

Candidates must meet the criteria set by the university

  • Transcripts from an accredited university
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • 50 volunteer hours with a licensed occupational therapist/verification letter required
  • 2 page written statement providing a rationale for the decision to become an occupational therapist
  • interview with an advisor with the OT faculty after which the candidate will be asked to write a short essay pertaining to the field
  • 3.0 GPA overall and a preferred 3.0 or better in the sciences
  • B.A. from a regionally accredited university. In rare cases some students have entered with an associate degree or a successful completion of 64 credits. (See the LIU OT website for more details)
  • Strong grades in all prerequisite courses

First year:

  • Fall: 17 credits
  • Spring: 14 credits
  • Summer: 14 credits

Second year:

  • Fall: 18 credits, including fieldwork level 1: geriatrics
  • Spring: 17 credits, including fieldwork level 1: Mental health and physical disability
  • Summer: 17 credits

Third year:

  • Fall: 15 credits  including Fieldwork Level II: Mental Health and Fieldwork Level 1: Pediatrics
  • Spring: 13-17 credits, Fieldwork level II Physical Disability, Fieldwork Level II: Pediatrics
  • Elective Fieldwork Level II: ( 2-4 credits), Capstone Research Project

First year:

  • 24 hours community service per semester

Second year:

Level 1 fieldwork

  • Fall: one  time per week for 10 weeks
  • Spring: two times a week for six weeks

Third year:

Level 1 and Level II Fieldwork experiences

  • Fall: two times a week for 6 weeks
  • Fall/Spring/summer

Minimum of 28 weeks full time level II fieldwork experience in three different practice areas ( students are responsible for providing all OT services to their own caseload, under the supervision of a  licensed occupational therapists)


LIU discounts per credit charges by 15% for Seminary cohort students. ( All other charges apply.)
A range of  student loans, subsidized and unsubsidized are available. Partial scholarships may be awarded in recognition of academic excellence. 

Financial aid advice  is provided by the Seminary and LIU.

Apply early for maximum financial assistance

The OT program-a B.S./M.S. program, following 1 year of prerequisites, takes 3 years, as opposed to the traditional 6 or 7 years.


LIU Occupational Therapy Department’s mission statement declares its commitment to prepare health professionals who will demonstrate mastery of a complex body of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values reflecting best practices sensitive to the needs of a diverse urban community.

Occupational therapy is a vital health care and rehabilitation profession that employs practitioners who help clients to develop or to restore and sustain the highest quality of productive life while recovering from illness or injury. 

Occupational therapists work with individuals across the lifespan to promote health, wellness and recovery from illness that can impact sensory, motor, cognitive and psychosocial functions. It is a field that provides many opportunities for the candidate who has the intelligence, the empathy, the personal integrity, and the skills to provide a wide range of services to various populations and age groups. Please refer to the American Occupational Therapy Association’s website for more information about the profession-

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