The New Seminary

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies




Separate cohort for:


Offered by:

Georgian Court University

Program Length:

1 year


Applicants apply to the New Seminary and to the University. Once accepted to the Seminary, the Seminary sends the application to the University. Students are then enrolled in both the Seminary and the University.

  • Application
  • High School transcript
  • Good grades
  • Interview
  • Per credit fees are discounted for this program
  • Pell and TAG awards may be used for the GCU portion of the program
  • Student loan programs provided by the government are available
  • Other external scholarship award and grants may be applied to this program

Apply early for maximum financial assistance.

The B.A. in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at Georgian Court University makes sense for students who want a multidisciplinary education and flexible options. Master skills in communication, interpersonal relations, critical thinking, analytics, and self-motivation – which are always in demand. The program is rich and challenging drawing on a wide section of courses, so the interdisciplinary studies curriculum can be tailored to the individual interests and goals of the students. Numerous class options and career possibilities make it a ideal for many of today’s sharpest students. And can be completed in one calendar year. This broad degree can lead to excellent job prospects upon graduation or to a wide variety of Masters degree programs.

The department is founded on the ethical principles of our professional organizations and on the Mercy core values of justice, respect, integrity, service, and compassion. The department is committed to developing in our graduates an understanding of self and others, a commitment to social justice, and an understanding of the diversity that defines our social world. The mission of the undergraduate program in psychology is to inspire academic excellence in students by promoting knowledge of the theories and content of psychology, scientific inquiry, learning and critical thinking in preparation for employment and/or graduate study. In addition, the program endorses the development of understanding of self and others, a sense of values, an appreciation of diversity, and a commitment to ethical principles.

An important part of liberal arts education involves understanding oneself, one’s own behavior and the actions of others. The undergraduate psychology program is designed to reflect all areas of human behavior and mental functioning. An introduction to techniques for investigating and understanding human behavior both within and outside the normal range of coping is provided in various courses.

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